Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cucumber Mango Salsa and Burgers

It's mango season, so the perfect time to whip up a refreshing salsa. I gave this recipe a try (courtesy of oh my veggies), and it didn't disappoint. We don't have English cucumbers here, so I just used a regular one and scooped out the seeds before dicing it up. The slight bite of the cucumber and red onion is nicely balanced with the sweet mango.

To spiff up the presentation a bit, I hollowed the remaining pieces of cucumber and spooned in some of the salsa. 

I served the salsa with burgers made from a 50/50 mix of ground beef and pork. While making burgers is pretty straightforward, I found the technique used by Michael Symon for his Lola Burgers to be the best.

The key is to keep the meat mixture on the looser side and not make dense patties. Season with salt and pepper, then put the patties on a grill (preheated to medium high) for 3 minutes a side.

What you get are moist, juicy burgers that are medium-rare (our favorite).

And while I have made the Lola burger before and just adore them, this time I decided to serve our patties with some perfectly ripe avocado. 

Salsa + Burgers = Summer on a plate

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